Kelsey Decker’s memoir is Pretty Woman meets Eat Pray Love.

Through Kelsey's adventures of awakening, she’s learned the secrets to alchemizing pain into personal empowerment. Her story is shocking, dirty, fascinating, intriguing, beautiful and uniquely her. The pages are filled with sex, love, lust, grief, loss, abuse and trauma.

She’s experienced many forms of abuse and trauma throughout her life, pain that many don’t recover from. Along the way, however, she created a magical roadmap that guided her toward living a life of more joy, freedom and authenticity than she ever imagined.

Not everyone is meant to share themselves this way, but Kelsey is. All the parts and pieces of what she calls The Kelsey Show are to be honored, and there’s no room in her life for shame around any of it.

This isn’t a typical autobiography or memoir, written in chronological order. These raw and real essays, poems and journal entries poured from her heart to paper and screen from 2014-2019. They’re a compilation of her thoughts and emotions, which she truly believed would never be revealed. Until suddenly, one day, she decided she must compile them into a book to share with the world.


“Kelsey’s story is one of those you read and have to take a moment to absorb, to absorb the reality that we, as human beings, can overcome anything if we have the kind of courage and passion that she has. Her zest for life and her authenticity through the darkest of shadows is at once as inspiring as it is fierce and phenomenal. Thank you, Kelsey, for the chutzpah to show us the way through and beyond the adventures of the human experience. Looking forward to continuing the journey with you…”

--- D. D. Scott, International Bestselling Author

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