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Magical Mentorship

Embodied, Experiential Empowerment

You haven't taken the easy path...the path of deep self-discovery and conscious evolution.

However, you can feel at ease as you navigate your inner & outer world.

You have an inner compass that's been guiding you on your adventures of awakening.

It might not feel like this because you've spent your life wandering, hoping and praying that one day you'll finally feel like you're home.

What if you could feel authentically at ease and at home in your body,

in everything you do and everywhere you go?

Life is messy and full of surprises. And yet it's also full of magic.

The quickest path of growth is to actually stir the pot and allow the dust that's settled to

swirl around inside of you again.

What if Messy = Magic?


What to Expect

  • Expect to feel lit up!

  • Expect to experience more miracles and synchronicities than ever before.

  • Expect knowing when to slow down to feel and heal.

  • Expect a shift in perspective, from going through the motions to savoring life as sacred.

  • Expect to find the answers you seek in your body, as well as the support to follow them.

  • Expect to go from victimhood to empowerment.

What Does This Require?

  • It requires radical honesty, authenticity and dancing with your shadows. 

  • It takes willingness to get comfortable with discomfort.

  • It takes letting go of everything you think you know.

  • It takes embracing your wise, wild and free essence.

  • It takes releasing anything that's no longer serving you.

  • It takes owning your part and your power.

Life is about movement and evolution, consciousness and creation.

Let's embrace this wild, messy, magical mystery of life!