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Trauma to Transcendence

I understand and respect that we all have our own unique spiritual journeys in this lifetime. When most people finally decide to explore and go deeper into transcending their trauma, it can feel a bit overwhelming, scary and confusing. 

 This is a safe container for those looking for consistent spiritual guidance that's going to assist in getting you "unstuck."


If you're ready for a complete unlearning & relearning experience, then you're in the right place! 

Trauma can be tricky!


There are so many nuances to any kind of abuse...verbal, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual. And there’s just as many ways to go about the journey of healing from past experiences. But the truth is no matter what you’ve endured in your life, you have the ability within yourself to transcend your trauma and live a life full of joy, freedom and authenticity. 


As you’re traveling along the adventure of awakening, it’s common to feel “stuck” as you’re discovering who you are in relation to your trauma. You might feel like everything is going great and yet there’s that one incident or word that still triggers you and you might be wondering if you’re ever going to be able to move past it. Yes, you can and will! You don’t have to stay stuck in these cycles! 


By awakening to the truth of who you are and the Universal truths that you came into this world ready to remember, you’ll begin to understand why your soul chose each and every one of these experiences and within that, you’ll gain clarity, confidence, empathy and forgiveness. 


Allow me to be your guide as we navigate our way through these murky waters, while discovering a deeper spiritual connection that is authentically true for you. Are you ready to OWN your story and OWN your adventure of awakening?