Empty Your Cup

Let’s be honest. There’s A LOT going on right now. Upheaval, peace, isolation, solitude, fear, love. Kinda the same as always, it’s just that NOW we are becoming aware of what we’ve created as a human race.

The best practice I have during these times is to continue to be an EMPTY CUP. To fill myself up with God/ess and then empty myself to the will of God/Creation.

You think you’ve got this whole coronavirus figured out? You have your endless YouTube videos and social media posts that have you diving deep into FIGURING it all out because you KNOW not everything is what it seems?

Then you’d be right! Not everything is as it seems. There are forces at play that most don’t even have a minute ability to comprehend.

But guess what?? This TRUTH that you’re’s not even what you’re after. This OBSESSION. You THINK you want to get to the bottom of all this, but you’re really just fooling yourself and overly engaging your small self.

Your intellectual mind has convinced you that you’re more awake and more intelligent because you KNOW. You’re not even sure what you know, but you KNOW. You feel me?

But here’s the thing. The truth you are so desperate to unearth. The truth you are seeking outside of yourself about what is going on on this planet in this moment in time, doesn’t really matter one fucking bit.

The TRUTH you are seeking is WITHIN. It is THE ONLY PLACE you will find answers. NOT by validating your theories on YouTube or Facebook or even talking with friends who you perceive to be “on the same page” as you.

Be educated. Stay informed. So that you can make the BEST decisions for YOUR family. For YOU. But don’t OBSESS. That’s not serving ANYONE.

People operate from the mind, from the intellect. From past trauma, from unhealed experiences. Keep that in mind in ALL your interactions and conversations.

Hold what’s precious and most important to you within yourself. As someone who’s always worn her heart on her sleeve, I’m now learning that the most exciting things happening in my life right now I haven’t shared with ANYONE. Why?

Because what anyone else thinks of me is NONE OF MY BUSINESS. And what you do or don’t do during this time is NONE OF MY BUSINESS, (unless you’ve asked me directly for my guidance during this time.)

So before you go to bed tonight, I BEG YOU...EMPTY YOUR CUP.



It’s THE ONLY way you’ll KNOW what to do next. And then next after that.

You now want to tell me you’re doing the best you can? BULLSHIT.

None of us are doing the best we can. If you were you wouldn’t be panicking, fighting with others or lying in bed with anxiety unable to sleep at night.


You want to get to the bottom of the coronavirus? You wanna uncover the “truth?”


Not inside your house. Lol.

But INSIDE the depths of you and YOU.


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