Your masks are a disguise

To hide your demise

The judgment in your eyes

Is really no surprise

Giving in to the fear

Of losing all you hold dear

Your mind a muck

Not seeing clear

A growing pandemic

The virus systemic

Although it's not outside

It's in the corners you're desperately

Trying to hide in

Greed. Lust. Lack

It's time to give it all back

Open up to understanding

This isn't an attack

On you

On me

On the world

It's time for a change

Even though it feels strange

To trust

To surrender

To love

To face the forces

From up above

Let's not push back

Or resist

That only makes the virus persist

Go inside

Not just your home

Walkthrough the gates

Of feeling deathly alone

It's in this space

You'll learn to trace

The lines of wisdom

Drawn across your face

Take off your mask

Learn to bask

In the vast stillness

Of truth


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