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Sacred Soul Stirrings

Single Sessions & Packages Available

Soul Stirrings include intuitive guidance with movement, music & breathwork for a unique experience via Zoom, so you can access this special medicine from anywhere around the world!

Let's stir up and integrate your shadow to move through what's holding you back from experiencing life as magical and inspiring. 

Let's lay the foundation for personal empowerment. 

75-min Single Session: $222

(4) Session Package $666

I like stir the pot.
In a way that ignites the fire within you.
To wake you up and shake you up.
To help you remember the magic.
To inspire your wildest dreams and motivate you to be more.
I like to rattle cages.
To wake up the dormant parts of you.
To show you another way.
To help you embrace ALL of you.
I like to make waves.
To teach you how to flow.
To guide you through your growth.
To awaken you to the adventure.

When Do You Need a Sacred Soul Stirring?

  • Is life feeling stagnant, with no real direction?

  • Does your energy feel stuck?

  • Have you lost your magic?

  • Are you in a creative rut?

  • Do you feel unable to make confident decisions?

  • Are you ready to feel inspired again?

  • Have your spiritual practices lost their vibrancy or are feeling flat?

  • Could you use some help laying the foundation for the next level of your growth?


Aimee Clayton, The Empowerment Crew

"I'm feeling amazingly invigorated and connected with myself after experiencing a Soul-Stirring Spiritual Guidance session with the incredible Kelsey Decker. For much of my life, I have spent heaps of energy(money and time) trying to suppress my emotions with food, alcohol and searching for a quick fix.
I've suffered in silence with depression and anxiety in my past and every so often these two bubble up to surface again. It can be so hard to connect with myself at times, as I have learnt how to bottle it all up after years of abusing myself and receiving abuse from others.
I have many tools I'm using, however, I learned new tools from Kelsey today and know how to better identify when and where my emotions are building up within my body and how to release them. Most importantly I learned how to become connected with myself on a different level with more awareness and insight. Thank you so much for your expertise and love Kelsey!"