Amanda Hummer, Yoga Teacher

Ericka Ward, Blogger

"Kelsey is an incredibly uplifting presence and creates a beautiful safe space for healing, exploration, stillness, and play. I attended a Qoya class with her and was amazed at her ability to facilitate and bring together a group of women who had just met. She is magical and I’m so grateful that I met her and was able to attend!"

“Kelsey is an amazing space holder. Her leadership allows you to show up fully, authentically, you!”

Aimee Clayton, Mamas on a Mission

"I'm feeling amazingly invigorated and connected with myself after experiencing some soul-stirring spiritual guidance with the incredible Kelsey Decker. For much of my life, I have spent heaps of energy(money and time) trying to suppress my emotions with food, alcohol and searching for a quick fix.

I've suffered in silence with depression and anxiety in my past and every so often these two bubbles up to surface again. It can be so hard to connect with myself at times, as I have learned how to bottle it all up after years of abusing myself and receiving abuse from others.

I have many tools I'm using, however, I learned new tools from Kelsey today and know how to better identify when and where my emotions are building up within my body and how to release them. Most importantly I learned how to become connected with myself on a different level with more awareness and insight. Thank you so much for your expertise and love Kelsey!"

Lori D.

Jennifer Slovacek, Animal Reiki Practitioner

"Kelsey is a wonderful person that's full of zest and magical spirit! She has a way of helping people to move forward further than was ever thought possible! I have taken Qoya classes, self-empowerment sessions, and fun adventures with her! Her passion for holding space allows you to expand in a safe, calm environment."

Sylvia De Los Huertas, Conscious Mourning

"Are you ready for the truth? On Facebook and social media, you can come upon many people telling you different things, and many times Lies...I don’t participate in that, oh wait, that’s a lie because there were times I did participate in the lies UNTIL I learned my TRUTH. 


Then: I met a wonderful amazing soul Like Kelsey Decker in a 4-month long mastermind group. I knew she was different. She radiated and radiates the feminine goddess within herself. I saw something different in her as she shared her experience and I fell in love with her essence and beautiful energy. She carried the group and when she wasn’t there, I could feel it.

So...I signed up for her 21-day course and incorporated it into my daily life. She is a genius when it comes to unblocking the stuck energy.

I wrote this post in gratitude for Kelsey’s Genius. I appreciate Kelsey for her Truth and authenticity in being her self. She has known pain and I can relate to that. She has triumphed and I can relate to that. She has risen above her losses and I can relate to that. She is no ordinary soul and neither am I. She’s Real and she speaks her Truth. That’s what I love most about her. She knows the struggles of everyday life and converts them into opportunities."

"Being a part of Kelsey's program has been truly transformational! Before I worked with her, I was always yearning for something more. To be something more.  To do something more. I've spent so much of my life holding back my authentic self. Dimming my light to fit in.  Fear of failure and fear of being judged held me back. The feeling that I'm not good enough was always present. I had a lack of confidence that left me overwhelmed.  I knew I needed help but didn't know how to start. I knew in my heart that I was a bright light, with gifts to share with the world. I had seen glimpses of it throughout my life but I wasn't living that way on a daily basis and I wanted to change. 

That's when the Universe brought me Kelsey, and I'm so thankful that it did!  She saw the light in me and knew I was ready to take a leap into my next level.  Kelsey taught me the tools I needed to expand my awareness, release old patterns, manifest abundance, and shine my light.  I have new daily rituals that I love, and that keep me in touch with myself and my soul. They keep me on the path of where I want to go.  I feel lit up from the inside, and full of joy and eagerness for what's to come next!

I have never felt more like my true, authentic self and in the flow with the Universe!  I have been manifesting unexpected money, my intuitive "nudges" are becoming more frequent and I am following them with complete trust.  I am more clear every day about the direction I want to take my life. I am growing my light one step at a time. 

Kelsey taught me that where I am is perfect and exactly where I need to be.  She gave me the tools to use to build a strong foundation and has helped me shift my mindset to one of more abundance, clarity, confidence, motivation and excitement. 

If you are thinking about working with Kelsey as your coach, you should absolutely do it!  She shares herself and her life experiences with you and you know that she practices and lives what she teaches.  Kelsey is so present and encouraging and you will have a true connection with her. She truly cares about you and is committed to your success.  I highly recommend working with her. Kelsey will be your biggest fan - and now I am hers!"

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